CRT Training 5-6 April 2017

Kate Tchanturia is holding Cognitive Remediation Therapy Training at Kings College London, 5-6 April. Only 35 places available.


MANTRA Workshop

MANTRA Workshop led by Ulrike Schmidt being held 3-4 April in London.


Ian. Frampton Talk

Attended an excellent seminar on the adolescent brain, organised by Ian Frampton and Eliza Riveria, eye opening especially in relation to Eating Disorders.



The first Exeter screening of the amazing film 'Embrace' was held tonight!!! If you didn't manage to get a ticket, there will be other screenings around the county do try and get to see the film, it's amazing!!!!


Eating Disorders Developing a Gold Standard Service

Delighted to have attended the informative 'Eating Disorders Developing a Gold Standard Service' in London today. Great speakers all reiterating that early intervention is key.


Nina Burrowes Training

Attended a second training session with Nina Burrowes, this time a little nearer to home in Exeter. This excellent event was hosted by 'Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Service' and titled 'Sex and Intimacy after Sexual Abuse', and often unspoken topic, so important and refreshing to discuss in a supportive group.


Dr Nina Burrowes Training

Meet Dr Nina Burrowes for the first time and wasn't disappointed! 'The psychology of people who abuse others', fascinating insight provided, many thanks.


WORKSHOP - Anorexia Nervosa

A workshop for therapists, counsellors and mental health workers who are working with clients who are restricting food intake. For more info call 07980 182118


Support Group Meeting 3/6/14

The regular monthly support group meeting is being held tomorrow night in the bottom bar of the Mill on the Exe in Exeter, Devon. 6-8pm, all welcome, for more details 07980 182118


'Living and Working with Dissociation'

Having attended an excellent workshop this week, I wish to spread the word that a helpline is now available Tuesday evenings 6-8pm for those living with 'Dissociation (DID)', this is run by PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors). 0800 1814420 For more info


Relocation to 'The Practice Rooms'

'Eating Disorders Counselling Services Devon' is delighted to announce that it has relocated to 'The Practice Rooms', Castle Street, Exeter. These beautiful therapy rooms will offer clients a tranquil, central location in Exeter.


Eating Disorders International Conference

'Beat' are holding the third biennial Eating Disorders International Conference 13-15 March 2014 in London.


Petition to gain greater awareness and understanding of Eating Disorders

Please sign and share this petition which can be found on Making Mental Health Awareness complusory on the National Curriculum Responsible department: Department for Education We are two 16 year old girls from North London who are fed up with the number of mental health issues being ignored. The issue is a personal one; Sophia suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and Amber felt disheartened by the lack of support she could give due to lack of knowledge regarding the issue. Having come out of our experience stronger, we believe that the impacts of mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders &OCD on the sufferer and peers are greatly underestimated. Sophia's instagram(Sophia_pw) tries to promote a healthy lifestyle while supporting those struggling with mental challenges.We know the problem can be reduced if schools played a greater role in preventing these problems arising. By including education, science, support and awareness within the PSHE spectrum of the national curriculum, we believe that the stigma of mental health issues be removed and would allow the sufferer and peers to gain the knowledge to recognise problems STOP IT BEFORE IT STARTS


Exploring Eating Disorders, Body Image difficulties and stuff that gets us stuck!

A skills group course for any one suffering with disordered eating and struggling with their body image. The workshops are appropriate for young adolescents through to adults up to the age of 26 at any stage of eating disorder recovery. Starting Mon 10 Feb 6-8pm in Exeter, Devon UK 8 week course £150 For more information please call 07980 182118


Support for carers

Don't forget the support group meeting tonight for all carers of anyone struggling with an Eating Disorder, Mill on the Exe, Exeter 6-8pm. All welcome or call 07980 182118 for more details


London International Eating Disorders 2017

Booked my 'early bird' ticket to the London International Eating Disorders Conference 2017, still incredibly expensive for a private therapist to attend!!


National Carers' Conference in Eating Disorders'

The 'National Carers' Conference in Eating Disorders' is being held at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, on Friday 22 November. Professor Janet Treasure OBE and Gill Todd RMN MSc, invite you to a day discussing 'Compassion and Caring Approach'. For more information please call 01256 704117. The more help and support we can give our carers the better.


DVD to support the New Maudsley approach.....

The Succeed Foundation has produced a DVD for carers to support the New Maudsley Approach. It shows scenarios and situations that are often faced when helping a loved one with an eating disorder. To order or for more information


B-eat supporters meeting

Debbie Humberstone, who started 'The Project' in Axminster will be speaking at the B-eat supporters meeting tomorrow evening. The meeting is held in the bottom bar at The Mill on the Exe, in Exeter Devon 6-8pm. This meeting is for the carers of the sufferers of anyone with disordered eating, need support too.


Help and support on Facebook

I am aware that many young people will be returning to University and College soon. A way of keeping in touch with 'Eating Disorders Counselling Services Devon' is via the facebook 'page' it may just give you that added bit of support that you may need, you are not alone.....good luck x


ACT therapy for Eating Disorders

Very interesting presentation given last night at the B-eat supporters meeting. Kathy O'Conner talked about the ACT approach, the way that our thoughts can dominate our lives and they are simply that......thoughts, but none the less incredibly powerful. For more information please call 07980 182118



Attended a two day CPD course on Mindfulness this week. Run by Eve Doyle (who works a the Eating Disorder Unit in Poole) is was both personally and professionally rewarding. Pleased to realise that mindfulness is already part of the way in which I work with clients who currently struggle with disordered eating. The evidence is now growing to show that it is beneficial in the treatment of several mental illnesses including stress and depression. Learning to 'be'...........


Next 'Beat Support for Carers Meeting' 6/8/13

Delighted to have been asked to co-host the next Beat support meeting. Being held on Tues 6th August at 6pm at The Mill on the Exe. All are welcome, believe it is being held in the room on the lower ground floor.


Help for carers'....

A brilliant DVD is being produced by 'The Succeed Foundation'. Based on Dr Janet Treasures 'The New Maudsley Method', it is specifically tailored to equip carers with skills and techniques useful when caring for a loved one. Whilst the book 'skills-based learning for caring for a loved one' is invaluable, hopefully the DVD will compliment the tools and bring them to life. To order go to :


Dream-a-way Event

Eating Disorders Counselling Services Devon were delighted to be able to support the Dream-a-way event at Woodbury Park this evening. Great to chat to participants and raise awareness of the effects of disordered eating, I was really struck by how many people knew someone who has or had struggled with anorexia. Is this because there is a visual sign? How many people struggle alone? Sharing and telling one person can be the first is available.


Facebook Page....

Realised today that some of my clients are not aware of Eating Disorders Counselling Services Facebook Page, so thought that I would promote it here too as it may be beneficial to people browsing the web site. It's is full of articles, quotes, and news, it is an interactive forum to people to share and comments, and hopefully not feel so alone, whether that be as a carer or someone who is struggling with disordered eating. Check it out, either follow the link on the Home page or


Trauma workshop

Attended a talk by Dr Barbara Mitchels PhD, last night on the effects on trauma on an individual. Fascinating in so many ways, particularly struck by the physiological effect on the body, loss of appetite and surge of adrenalin, for 'flight or fight'. Many clients feel this loss of appetite and the need to over exercise - trauma is relative, what one person copes with quite easily can be hugely traumatic to another. Interesting learning as always.....thank you Barbara.


Anorexia presentation by Julia Buckroyd

Having found Julia Buckroyds CPD presentation on Bulimia very infomative, I am looking forward to hear her talk on Anorexia Nervosa (AN) in Exeter tomorrow. Julia, an Emeritus Professor of Counselling, University of Hertfordshire, has much experience and an opportunity to gain firther insight into this client group and to discuss this potentially fatal mental illness with her is invaluable to Eating Disorders Devon.


Presentation by Julia Buckroyd

Looking forward to attending a presentation by Julia Buckroyd, Emeritus Professor of Counselling, University of Hertfordshire, tomorrow. 'Working with disordered eating - bulimia' a fantastic opportunity to hear more about current theories, and see current methods being used for this client group.


National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 11-17th Feb 2013

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 11- 17th February 2013 This week allow the profile of eating disorders to be raised. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating and any other disorder not otherwise specified all thrive on secrecy and shame. Lets talk about the problem we or our loved ones are having with food. It is more common than you think and there is no shame to it. Help is available and the earlier help is sought the better. National Eating Disorder Week..........lets talk about it. Connect to the facebook page for more information.


Community Role at SWEDA

I am delighted that I have been accepted as the Community Support Worker for Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorders Association. This role will allow me to promote SWEDA to GPs, schools, and other organisations as well as lending to support to carers and sufferers of eating disorders. For more information in community work please call 07980 182118


What is Anorexia?

Anorexia can stem from low self esteem and an inability to cope safely with worries and problems. It involves restricting the amount of food you take in, this may be by skipping meals and cutting down the types and amounts of food that you eat. Some people may also try to burn calories and over exercise too. Some people believe that if they lose weight their lives will be happier, people will like them more, or some may feel that they will be noticed less. However losing weight is not the answer to everything. It is important to try and focus on who you are, and what may have caused you to feel that the way you do, and to find a safer way to cope. To talk to someone about Anorexia and what help is available, please call 07980 182118


Eating Disorders thrive on secrecy and deceit.....

Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders thrive on secrecy and deceit. It can be very difficult to ask for help and to let someone else know how you are suffering. For some the first step may be to ask for help anonymously from someone they don't know and the following site is able to provide this service........for more information or help and advice on eating disorders please call 07980 182118 Anorexia Bulimia Care community/HealthUnlocked


Central location in Exeter

Eating Disorders Counselling Services Devon are pleased to announce that a new central location in Exeter is now available for counselling sessions. From the 1st January 2012, clients will be able to book sessions at the Southernhay Clinic in Barnfield Crescent, Exeter. These superb rooms offer a professional, discreet venue and we are delighted that we have been offered the opportunity of offering our services here.

For more information:


07980 182118

Follow us on Facebook



Rise in hospital admissions for Eating Disorders

As 2012 draws to a close it is distressing to learn that hospital admissions for eating disorders rose by 16% in England from 2011 to 2012.  Three quarters of the admissions were related to anorexia nervosa. and the majority of admissions are made up of children and young people. (One in every 10 admission was a 15 year old girl). It is thought however, that these figures are simply the tip of the iceberg, and it is estimated that, across the whole of the UK, about 1.6million people are affected by an eating disorder.

Early intervention is essential for those with eating disorders, and with funding for primary care services becoming an ever increasing issue, early treatment and community-based care is becoming harder to engage with.

Eating Disorders Devon recognises the need for accessible, affordable, and professional help, not only for the sufferer, but for those around them too. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) states that 'People with eating disorders should be assessed and receive treatment at the earliest opportunity'.

Let's hope that next years figures are less distressing. 




Support group for carers of an eating disorder sufferer

Are you living with, or caring for someone living with and eating disorders? It can often help to meet others who understand what you are going through, to share ways of coping and to hear that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. A support group is held on the first Tuesday of the month at 'The Imperial', in Exeter, Devon, for those who are affected by someone else's eating disorder. It is a very welcoming group and may just help even in a small way. It is vital that carers take care of themselves, not only for their own well being but so that the sufferer can see a good role model. The next meeting is being held on 8th January as the first Tuesday in New Years Day.


Christmas can be difficult......

Christmas can be a very difficult time for those with a stressful relationship with food. So many gatherings are centred around food and drink and this can seem to be incessant. Some feel so stressed and anxious that they decide not to return home to their families and this can be very difficult for all concerned. There are strategies, which will probably not get to the root of the problem but may help in the short term to help someone through the Christmas period......if you would like to discuss this in more detail please do call


Is your eating disorder under control? Would you share your experience with others?

Eating Disorders Counselling Services are looking for people who are in recovery or feel that have their eating habits under control, to share their experiences with others who may be starting out on their journey. Sometimes it can help to see others that have made positive changes. This may be on a one to one basis or in a group setting depending on what is appropriate. If you would like to help others by giving valuable support please call 07980 182118


London Eating Disorders Conference 2017

Delighted to be attending the London Eating Disorders Conference 2017. Three days full of valuable, and up to date research and information.


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